Will we see more women leaders because of the pandemic?

From New Zealand to Germany, from Iceland to Taiwan, women are setting the global bar on how to lead effectively in a crisis. According to Social Europe’s data analyses, countries with women at the helm have had 6x fewer Covid-19 deaths than those led by men, and will recover sooner from recession. On top of this, female-led governments have been more effective and faster at flattening the curve. And the average number of days with confirmed Covid-19 deaths was 34 in countries led by women, compared to 48 in men-led countries. The media is also full of stories about their practical approach, skill and humanity in the coronavirus crisis. However, the global average for women in national parliaments sits at only 25% (at June 2020). And women representation on boards is still low worldwide: women hold only 12% of board seats globally, with just 4% chairing boards. Will the positive results in the pandemic make us more willing to have women leaders in the corridors of power? Find out more at the sites below:

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