Why is whistle-blowing important?

Whistle-blowing is the most effective way of exposing wrongdoing. In 2 scientific studies (ACFE and PWC), whistle-blowers uncovered over 40% of all fraud cases, while law enforcement only detected 3%. Many of the cases of corruption, fraud and sexual abuse that we know about, have been exposed by workers who reported these issues to their employers, regulators or the media. It’s believed that more cases of fraud and corruption are exposed by whistle-blowers than any other roleplayer – including the police or the media. So whistle-blowers, and tools to protect them like FraudCracker and EthicsDefender, are vital for an anti-fraud program to succeed. Read more at https://lib.ohchr.org/HRBodies/UPR/Documents/session9/US/NWC_NationalWhistleblowersCenter_Annex2.pdf

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