Why don’t we speak up when we see wrongdoing?

Cutting out junk food, getting 8 hours’ sleep a night, exercising daily – everyone knows we should be doing these things, but most of us simply don’t. In behavioural science lingo, it’s called the intention-action gap – when we plan to do something, but we seldom do it. Likewise, ask anyone if they’d help when they saw misconduct, and almost everybody says yes. The big questions are: Why don’t we? And how do we overcome this urge to do nothing? Find out more in these intriguing articles:

  1. https://www.compli.com/blog/workplace-harassment-how-the-bystander-effect-creates-open-secrets/
  2. https://fcpablog.com/2021/03/08/why-dont-people-intervene-when-they-see-unethical-conduct/

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