Successfully navigating the post #MeToo workplace

On the surface, it looks like women are making progress toward equality in the post #MeToo era. In politics, women are making headway. We see strong women emerging in leadership roles. A record number of women were elected to Congress in 2018, and a record number are running for President in 2020. In business, there are now 33 female CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, up from 24 the previous year. All this seems positive on the surface. But beneath it, not much has significantly changed in the workplace to shift the needle toward gender equality. Since the resurgence of #MeToo in 2017, there has been a lot of media attention given to the issue of sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace. For the most part, we see coverage of celebrities calling out their abusers on a national and global stage. But has this triggered real change for women in the workplace? How has the culture changed? And what can women do to be successful in the post #MeToo era? Find out more at

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