SA cabinet adopts anti-corruption strategy

Corruption has been rife in SA for decades, and the government has set up structures to deal with it head-on. Cabinet has approved a national anti-corruption strategy to create an independent statutory structure reporting directly to parliament. The strategy has taken a year to come together, in consultation with a wide range of players. It has 6 pillars, including promoting and encouraging active citizenry, whistle-blowing, integrity and transparency; advancing the professionalisation of employees, improving governance in institutions, and strengthening resourcing and co-ordination of performance and accountability. The strategy also proposes an interim National Anti-Corruption Advisory Council for greater monitoring, accountability and transparency. But, as any successful entrepreneur will tell you, it’s execution, and not ideas or words, that matter. Hopefully this strategy will deliver on its promises. Find out more at

Picture courtesy of Art Crumbs

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