On CoronaCracker site, you can report violations of coronavirus regulations

Good news: our CoronaCracker website is now up and running at http://www.coronacracker.co.za/. This enables you to anonymously report violations of the coronavirus regulations to the appropriate authorities like the SA Police Service, Dept of Health and Dept of Labour. We’re offering this for free to the SA government and to the public, as our way of helping stop the spread of this pandemic.

It’s a tweak of our FraudCracker site which enables employees to report fraud anonymously to company authority figures like the CFO. Same interactive anonymous, secure online technology, just different categories of violations, and different authority figures. So with CoronaCracker, you can report to SAPS, Dept of Health, Dept of Labour etc, and the categories are price gouging, misinformation, employer violations, etc.

To report a violation, go to http://www.coronacracker.co.za. Please help us keep South Africa safe by sharing this message. Thanks!

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