Millions of dirty Bobroff cash forfeited, thanks to NPA

South Africa’s NPA Asset Forfeiture Unit has gotten a court order forfeiting over R103m of the Bobroff’s crime-tainted cash. It’s held in 2 bank accounts in Israel, in the names of Ronald and Darren Bobroff. The pair fled SA for Australia after red flags were found at Ronald Bobroff & Partners, where both were directors. They were struck from the roll of attorneys, amid allegations that they charged a contingency fee of 40% of Road Accident Fund payouts, above the 25% cap. In March 2016, when they fled SA, they faced charges of fraud and theft. In 2018, they were on Interpol’s globally wanted list. The NPA said the huge forfeiture order was the result of excellent cooperation between the SA and Israeli authorities. The order was granted thanks to the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, which allows property used to commit a crime to be forfeited to the state. Find out more at

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