Facebook and YouTube block spread of whistleblower’s name and photo. Twitter allows both.

Facebook and Youtube are taking a stand. They’re blocking users from sharing the identity of a CIA officer who allegedly filed the damning whistleblower complaint that sparked impeachment hearings against President Trump. Facebook is blocking references to the whistleblower’s name and photos under its policy against “coordinating harm.” YouTube is doing the same. But Twitter is allowing posts that allegedly share his name and images. U.S. officials have kept his name confidential, in line with federal law aimed at protecting whistleblowers from victimisation. Trump, however, is calling for the whistleblower’s name to be revealed, which could well be putting their life in danger. Get the full story at https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/11/08/facebook-youtube-move-block-spread-supposed-whistleblowers-name-twitter-permits-both-name-photos/

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