Every one of us can do something about corruption

Corruption hurts all of us. And we can all benefit from standing United Against Corruption. Most of us think that corruption is “just a way of life” and cannot be prevented. But every one of us can do something about it. Here’s how:

A. For some great examples of how you can fight corruption, read the UN’s Call to Action Matrix at http://www.anticorruptionday.org/documents/actagainstcorruption/print/materials2016/corr16_call2action_A4_EN.pdf.

B. Social Media: Join the UN’s fight against corruption by:

1. Using the United Against Corruption logo in your articles, posts and messages, and at your events. Download it from http://www.anticorruptionday.org/actagainstcorruption/en/print/index.htm; and

2. Using these hashtags in your social media messages: #UnitedAgainstCorruption | #IACD2019 | #IACD2020 | #YouthForJustice

Join us in the fight against corruption. It all starts today.

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