4 Ways Lying Becomes the Norm at a Company

Many recent corporate scandals such as Volkswagen or Wells Fargo have been cases of wide-scale dishonesty. But how could lying and deceit have become the norm at these companies? Some researchers believe that leaders justify unethical choices because of group think or psychological traps. Certainly those factors play a role, but they largely explain why individuals – not entire organisations – behave dishonestly. Are there organisation-wide factors that predict whether or not people inside a company will be honest? The answer is yes. The author’s research uncovered 4 such organisational factors: lack of strategic clarity, unjust accountability systems, poor organisational governance, and weak cross-functional collaboration. The good news is that these factors are completely within a company’s control. Improving them can make your company more honest, and help prevent the reputation and financial disasters that dishonesty can lead to. Read the full story at https://hbr.org/2019/02/4-ways-lying-becomes-the-norm-at-a-company

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